The Tunnel


The Tunnell

I felt every bad thing

Before I crashed

I left my body in an instant,

When I saw my possession in the distance

With a body of flesh that wasn’t mine.

My mind sang me a song, and every lyric split my spine.

And every word took away my reason,

And my will to stay alive.

I shrunk to a quarter of myself,

Buried my head down in my arms, while they rested on my knees.

I didn’t know who I was,

I needed to be free.

I see a light pole above the dashboard,

But my mind made that pole a tunnel that would lead to paradise.

I drove with ease through that tunnel,

With ease I drove to paradise.

Suddenly, there’s singing in my ears,

But I think it might be Angels, because I’m floating above my body

And I cannot feel the weight of my fears.

My body looks beautiful from the clouds

Then I see an angel who says no words, but I know she came for me.

Her wings start way above the clouds,

And drag all the way down to the ground beside my body at my feet.

My angel attended to my Spirit with words I couldn’t understand.

But through her eyes I can translate,

That she is speaking glory into my life and passion into my plans.

She gently slides me down her wings,

She watched me slide down from the heavens,

My Spirit’s glowing more vibrant than lightning storms,

And birthing life into my still body

So I can be reborn.




My angel, sapphire.

My Spiritual Attendant, The Angel, I call her Sapphire.


Her Spirit is bigger than the moon

But her mind cannot fathom,

That she was made with already enough room

Of uncountable, undiscovered atoms.

I feel her blood pump with every heartbeat,

I feel her eye lashes meet with each blink.

I wail with her emotions,

She’s more than the ocean drops in every sea.

She crashed an electric machine today.

I saw the event come years before it happened.

I heard her mind singing those weary songs,

And I saw her seat belt fastened

Just seconds before those wheels stopped spinning

All of her prayers were being heard.

I’d been preparing to aid her for years now

From her lips and through her thoughts, I heard every word.

I took some matter from the universe

I took some brightness from the stars,

I took everything I needed from the heavens

To revive my humans heart.

She haunted me sometimes

With the way she sporadically lived life,

How could this human made to perfection

Not know that all her souls’ desires dwell with her on the inside?




A woman Flower

A woman Flower

I started calling myself a flower not only for the beauty and color image that you think of when you picture a flower, but also for the processes that the plant undergoes in ways that the eyes or the world can’t see. When my obsession with plant flowers came, I decided I wanted to understand the life of these magical plants I shared the earth with.

There is a term used as “perennial” and it refers to flowers that come back into bloom each year without having to be replanted. Such plants have bulbs which function as storage organs that help keep the plant alive underground during the dormant seasons of its life. In many ways, a flower houses the same majestic traits of a tree trunk, or even a mountain.


Walk with me through a visual…


Imagine depression as the soil. Dirt, the dark earth that one resides in constantly.

Imagine yourself as a flower, a lily in the soil.

Visualize dwelling under the soil and it being dark and cold and closed off.

Now Feel.

Feel how your bulb organ transmits life through your body.

Feel how even though it is dark down under the soil, even frightening,

Your roots still remain connected and alive.

Feel how your bulb sees to it that you never starve or have harm caused by the soil.

Now Look.

Look how the soil lay dormant, its doesn’t move.

It remains dark and heavy over your roots, but it stays still.

Dark and heavy, the soil serves you. It serves the life in you.

You do not serve the soil.

Feel again.

Feel the most magnificent warmth partnering with the soil until you, the lily, break through the earth with glory.

Feel the spring sunshine sing you back above the earth.

Now look again.

Look how beautiful you are lily.

You keep getting more beautiful with every April’s sunshine.

You always come back above the earth.

Sometimes you have many springs; sometimes you only have one spring.

But you still always come back

And look how beautiful you are.